How Two Busy Moms Changed How They Eat To Drop Major LBS

A few weeks ago I was writing blogs talking about a nutrition program I was going to roll out in January. Currently, we are in the 4th week of the program and everyone is absolutely crushing it. These people are starting to see some real results, drop some lbs, fit into clothes easier than they have before, but most importantly change their mindset around dieting.


I think one of the biggest none scale wins people in the group have had is simply making conscious decisions about their food intake.


We live in a society where we are fortunate enough to have an abundance of food. We could walk down one city block and find so many different places to get food.  It is everywhere we go, in our office buildings, on the TV, even right off the highway. For the most part, you are never more than a 5 or 10-minute drive away from a store or resturaunt.


This is a good thing because we do not have to worry about starving, but it can also work against us because we will begin to make decisions subconsciously.


As you know we do not give out “meal plans” because frankly they don’t work well. You may follow it for a few days then give up, instead we help coach you to make conscious decisions around your food.


Today I want to share with you 2 huge wins people have had in the first half of our New Age Nutrition Club For 50 and Better.




Karen joined New Age Nutrition Club after trying a few other diets such as Whole 30, Intermittent Fasting, and Weight Watchers before but she was frustrated with not seeing results and not being able to sustain them. She is a hard worker and was willing to put in the work she needs to see results. However, Karen has a tough job working for a food company where she is constantly on the road and has to try certain products of her company.


During the second week of our program I was chatting on the phone with Karen for her weekly check in. We talked about the habbit we were working on which was eating slowly. She was nailing it saying she is very conscious of how slow she was eating and she even made it a goal of hers to leave 2-3 bites left on her plate. Then she said something that amazed me!


She mentioned that for her job she had to test on of their new products which was similar to a Rice Crispy Treat. She knew it was not a great choice for what her goals were but she had to for work. She said she ate it but she ate it super super slowly! She was amazed at how different it was, she said she tasted things she never has before, and it was a whole new experience. Best of all? She had that one felt satisfied and was not tempted to eat another.


Now if I told Karen she can never eat that it probably would not work for her as she had to for work. All she worked on was being conscious of what she was doing and eat slowly. Now that we are done focusing on eating slowly Karen said it does not feel so weird anymore and it is becoming more of a habbit.




Carolina is similar in many ways to Karen, she works a busy and stressful job, has tried diets in the past but failed to see consistently results. Carolina really wants to change her behavior to be able to consistently make good choices.


Carolina works in a big office building with its own cafetireia, she knows what foods are better options than others but still there are so many temptations.


While talking on the phone with Carolina during her weekly check I remember her telling me a really cool story of how she was able to be more “In the moment” and make a conscious decision.


She mentioned to me that she had her lunch and something in her lunch was very spicy. She finished her lunch and enjoyed the flavour but still felt a burning sensation in her mouth. She had to get back to her day but wanted the burn to go away so she thought about getting some shortbread cookies to try to calm her pallet down. But then she realized that the cookies will not help her reach her goal so she decided to do something first. She simply ate a Tic Tac and sat down for a minute and decided to think, and to sit with the craving for a shortbread cookie. After she did that she realized she does not need one and walked out.


This is absolutely amazing! We are always going to have cravings like this, the key is to not act on your first instinct, try to simply take a minute and sit with that feeling. I would still consider it a win if Carolina decided to go eat the cookie, it would still be a conscious decision at that point.


When you began to read this blog and learned it was going to be about the nutrition program you may have thought it was going to be about all the foods they are avoiding or how they are only eating grilled chicken and vegetables.


Making changes to your eating behavior is so much more than that. It is about becoming aware of your current habits and making conscious decisions moving forward.


If either of the scenarios above sound like you and you are looking for a new program that will help you shed pounds, fit into new clothes and leave you with a new set of skills that will help you make good decisions at any time click HERE to get on the list for our next round of New Age Nutrition Club for 50 and Better.


-Coach Pat

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