How We Keep You Safe

The fitness industry is filled with a ton of gym’s, programs, and claims they will get you in the best shape of your life. Now, while this is a great notion and many people want to get in the best shape of their lives, how they get there is often a thing of great debate. Why? Because many times when people start a fitness program or join a gym, safety and technique are tossed aside in an effort to give people “the feels”, get them sweaty, and keep them coming back in a weird psychological punish game.


How do I know this? I was one of them. I used to walk in to the gym and look for the fastest and best ways to beat up my body, so that the next day I couldn’t lift my arms. Now while I always enjoyed pushing myself, I wasn’t being particularly safe and mindful of how to keep my body healthy. As a result, I suffered two shoulder SLAP tears and had to get surgery, which in retrospect took me away from the thing I loved most. Remember fitness and healthy living is supposed to keep your body resilient and makes things that you do outside of the gym easier, the workouts themselves should not be tormenting and hurt you to the point of orthopedic injury. 


So, the question is how do we keep people safe? How do we as a Health and Wellness facility, honor your body for the long term and still challenge you so you are feeling stimulated and wanting to come back?




That’s right, it’s all about position. We as coaches have a standard for movement. We have developed an eye for what people should look like when they squat and where they should be feeling it. We have gained a level of adept knowledge on the best, most efficacious practices of how to do a push-up and how we can scale that push-up, up or down based on someone’s current level. In essence we have figured and researched the best ways to put you in the best position possible while avoiding injury, but still getting the a fitness effect in the desired area.


Below are two videos with Super Coaches Pat and Joanna on how we stay safe with some movements.


Keeping you safe is the most important thing along with your goals and having fun. These things are intertwined and should be the core tenets of a sound fitness facility. Core Principles wants to see you reach all your physical dreams and stay healthy in doing so.


If you have any questions please feel free to email us at or hit us up on FB at Core Principles Strength and Conditioning.



Coach Jim

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