How Your Coach Meal Preps

As my New Age Nutrition Club rolled out this weekend I decided it was a good time for me to start working on my nutrition. Over the weekend I decided to start meal prepping again and prepare for the week.


Today I want to share with you my strategy for meal prepping and what I do. I want to start off by saying in no way do I think this is the best strategy and that everyone needs to do it this way. This is just what I have found to work best for me. I also am not perfect by any means, for some reason people think that us coaches have it all figured out, I am the first one to tell you that is not true at all.


Below, I will outline the steps I take to help me get ready for the week.


Step 1: Check My Calendar and Plan My Meals For 3 Days


In the past, I have tried to plan my whole week on a Sunday, go food shopping and cook so much that I had everything prepared for the week. I found that strategy did not work for me, I found myself getting sick of the same thing and wasting a lot of food. I decided to break it down and prepare for 3 days at a time. Looking at my schedule I knew that Sundays, and Wednesdays were the best for me to shop and cook. So on Sunday, I will plan my meals for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, from there I will make a list for what I need and head to the store. I generally will eat the same thing for those 3 days so that I do not have to cook a bunch of different things.


Here is what I bought yesterday:




-Protein Powder


-Peanut butter

-Almond Milk



I had some rice and steel cut oats in my cabinet already


Step 2: Cook Enough For The 3 Days


Now that I have all of my food I know how much I will need for each day. At this point, I will cook and prepare anything I can get done ahead of time. Yesterday I cooked oatmeal, rice, chicken, and broccoli for the 3 days. Quick things like making eggs or sautéing spinach I will wait until the day before or day of to keep if fresher.


What I generally will do is store what I cook in bulk and then portion it out for the day the night before. For example yesterday I cooked a big thing of rice, took the portion I will need for lunch today put that in a separate container and put the rest of the rice together.


Here is a picture of my lunch for today:


Here is a picture of the rest of the food for the 3 days:
Step 3: Have a Plan B
If you were to look at all of the food that I have planned for the 3 days you may be a little confused. You wont see anywhere banana or a protein shake, but I still bought them and they are part of my prep. Why Is that? I keep those things in stock as a backup plan. I know that no matter how well I plan, prepare and cook things will get messed up at some point. Instead of allowing things to get messed up and going off track I keep simple and easy foods accessible if I need them in a pinch. If I know I need protein but don’t have time to cook I will simply make a shake (I buy a plant based protein so that counts for some veggies also), if I need some smart carbs but ran out of rice I will grab a banana, if I need a quick serving of healthy fats I will eat a delicious tablespoon of peanut butter. By planning in advance I don’t leave things up to chance.
Once again this is not the only way to do things it is simply what I have found to work for me right now. I am going to really focus on this for the next 12 weeks and get better each and every day. Who knows maybe 12 weeks from now I will have found a completely different strategy that works even better.
If you want to start planning and prepping do not over think it, do not try to be perfect, come up with a system you think will work try it and adjust as needed. Small consistent action is better than a large and inconsistent change.
-Coach Pat

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