I made mistakes, Now you can learn from them.

Being 30 years young, I go to parties here and there with large spreads of treats. I use to go and have a hard conversation with myself about if its ok but for me to have a few snacks.

The answer is like many things in life It depends. If I had a health issue than I say it’s not ok, but as someone with pretty good habits, I deemed it ok this weekend.


We have all felt terrible the next morning
When weekends come up like this past one, I have a few little tricks I use to keep me from eating things I will regret. These are all tricks that I used because I know whatever dessert isn’t worth feeling slow on Monday at work.
Now how you like to use these tricks are up to you. Some clients write them down, some say them out loud, and ask their spouse to remind them before going out.
How I felt and how I handle it
There’s this idea that because I work in the health industry that I don’t enjoy treats. That’s true at times, a lot of trainers, coaches, and other professionals don’t eat junk.
We are human, and at times we like to relax and have a treat or two. This weekend I had too many, and I hate how I feel today and that’s more than enough for me to think long and hard before the next time I eat a load of desserts.
If you need help with planning out how to attack your eating habits feel free to reach out. 

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