Improve Sleep

Sleep, oh how I miss you.

This little nugget joined our family two weeks ago and I feel like I have been out at the club every night since then. I love every second of it though.

I feel better than I thought I would after two weeks of crappy sleep. Our bodies adapt to pretty much anything we throw at them.

Just because our bodies are experts at adapting doesn’t mean it is good for us and certainly doesn’t mean our body is operating optimally.

You know sleep is essential to your health. As soon as Hudson discovers the art of sleeping I will be back to targeting 8 hours of sleep a night.

Yet so many of us put little focus on the amount and quality of sleep we get. I get it, we all have tons of stuff to do, and push ourselves to do more. What if there were some easy things you could do to create a strategy that will help you improve your sleep.

If those changes made you feel better, more energized, mentally acute would you try it?

Here is a list

of proven ideas you can begin using to improve your sleep. My suggestion is to try one and stick with it for a while then move on to others.

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