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Lovely People!


Lots can stand in our way of getting activity in that makes you feel good.


One idea we always talk about here is being “problem solvers”  and not “problem describers”.  How can we figure out a reasonable solution?


We have a workout here for you today that tackles a bunch of hurdles we all run into.


This workout…


1. Can be as long or as short as you want

2. Works for nearly any fitness level

3. Can be done all at home, in the hotel room, your office or any other place

4. Needs very little equipment

5. Can easily be turned into a program that you can repeat for a couple weeks or it can be a supplement to what you are already doing


If you have followed any of our videos on creating a short and effective workout, we keep it simple and focus on getting basic movement patterns in. This workout is no different.  It includes a push, a squat, a pull/rowing action, hinge movement (hips), core exercise, a power exercise and some sort of crawling pattern!


Start with A1 and move down to A7. Repeat 2-4 times depending on how much time you have.


A1.)Push-up| x 8

A2.)Bodyweight squat| x 10

A3.)Batwing Cluster| x 4 w/ :05 hold at the top

A4.)Hip Raise| x10 or Single Leg Deadlift| x8 each

A5.)Half Fighting Deadbug| x5 each

A6.)Jump Squat| x10

A7.)Lateral Plank Walk| x6 steps in each direction


Give it a try and let us know what you think!  If you want to know how we progress each of these exercises, just ask.


A1: Push-up: Start in a tight plank position creating a straight line from your head to your toes. Squeeze your butt, abs and legs together.

Lower to the ground keeping everything squeeze tight and in a straight line. Then push the ground away and return to the top.
Modified version: Find a coffee table or an elevated surface and complete a push-up with the hands elevated.


A2: Bodyweight Squat:

The goal on the squat is to sit the hips back while “spreading” the floor with your feet to create some tension.
Arms or a small weight can be used as a counterbalance.
If you are having trouble getting some depth on the squat or sitting your butt back find an object at home that you can squat and tap your butt to!
A3: Batwing Cluster:Start by laying flat on the floor elbows tucked into your sides with your arms creating a 90-degree angle.
Next, you are going to keep your lower body on the ground while driving your elbows into the ground. You should feel your upper body lift off the ground. Hold for 5 seconds and lower back to a flat position.
A4: Hip Raise: Lay flat on the floor with your knees bent and arms to the side. Drive your feet through the floor and squeeze your butt at the top. The goal is to create a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.
A4: Single Leg Deadlift: Start standing tall with one foot on the floor. Find your balance
You are going to send the leg back while reaching forward. The leg on the ground has a slightly bent knee.
Toe points down to the ground on the leg that is up.
Helpful tip: If you are finding that you can’t keep the toe pointed down to the ground reach across your body with the arm of the leg that is up.
A5: Half Fighting Deadbug:
Lay on your back with the knees up at a 90-degree angle. Opposite hand reaches to opposite knee and creates a “Fight” (hand is pushing into knee and knee is pushing back into the hand).
Extend opposite hand and leg while crushing your lower back into the ground (can use a towel under lower back to try and crush).
A6: Jump Squat:
Jump squats are explosive. Think about being like a rocket when you are jumping!
You are going to get your hands back and hips back at the same time. Drive your feet through the floor like a rocket taking off and reach for the sky. Return to hands back hips back.
A7: Lateral Plank Walk:
Start in a plank position with hands together and feet apart. Opposite hand and foot will move together. (You will bring one leg in to meet the other while the hands separate— take another step with opposite hand and foot and return to original position). Maintain the plank position throughout.
Now go try it out!

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