Is Your Metabolism Really To Blame?

Often times it is hard to be a self-critic, we all think we’re the best drivers, eat well, work the hardest etc. It is simply how the human brain is wired, we sometimes think that we are better at things than we actually are. It’s not our fault, we don’t do it intentionally it is simply hard to be a fair critic of your self.


The same concept applies to nutrition and how we eat. People often will think that they eat “better” than they actually do, again this is not meant to make people feel bad and think that they are purposefully lying.


Today I want to share a story of how our New Age Nutrition Club helped one man build more awareness around his habits and get more results than he has in years.


Meet Joe


When Joe and I first sat down to talk about his goals, things he has tried in the past and what his current habits are like Joe mentioned he has worked with a nutritionist once before and would generally just cut out carbs when he tried to lose weight.


He mentioned he loves to cook but struggles a little when he goes out to eat. When he does have the chance to cook he makes mostly a Mediterranean diet of fish, lean proteins, vegetable ect. Joe also mentioned that he felt like he has a slow metabolism and that is what makes it hard to lose weight. (If you’re interested in learning a little more about weight loss and metabolism check out my blog from last week HERE)


Joe was ready to work hard and see the results he has always wanted.


Joe absolutely nailed the program! He is down 10lbs, can now easily touch his toes, reduced his Blood Pressure, fewer aches in his knee, and has an overall greater sense of wellbeing.


If you remember before Joe joined the program he felt that he ate pretty well and his metabolism was at fault for not being able to lose weight.


Clearly, that is not true if 8 weeks later Joe has made such significant changes.


Once again this is not to say Joe purposefully was lying or was trying to make excuses for struggling to lose weight, he simply felt like he had tried things in the past that didn’t seem to work and that was the logical answer.


Sometimes the best solution is the most simple, step back, take a look at what you are currently doing and seek small improvement that will create meaningful and lasting results.


If you want to get the same results as Joe I have great news! We will be rolling out our third round of our New Age Nutrition Club at the end of June. If you would like some more information and to schedule a call to find out if this program is exactly what you’re looking for click HERE.


-Coach Pat

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