Abs got your attention? Don’t worry we are going to talk about how to use them in any and all movements. As an athlete, I was always told the core was important but it took a very long time before I was taught properly how to use it. “Abs aren’t just used in core movements but are yet the core of all movements”


I have played every sport under the sun and recently been in strength sports. In all of the strength sports, you hear the word “ core “ a lot during lectures and conversations from the “ experts”.


Everybody basically trying to get across 2 messages. First being that it’s very very important and second is that everybody doesn’t use it right or know how to use it. For the most part, i couldn’t agree more.


This couldn’t be more important for everybody. If you aren’t doing this right everything else will fall short of what it could be. 


So let’s start with why it’s important. It’s so simple but don’t overlook it .  Give it the attention it desires. All movement starts with the “ core “. Well, what does that mean?  


Look at the photo above, this is a push up with the core not working. Even though in a pushup we focusing on the chest and triceps but the abs still need to be a top property. The main reason is that they can help protect your back and all you to move better.
If they aren’t we are missing out an opportunity to build strength. The more time within your work out you can focus on getting the abs turned on the stronger they can become. This can mean a stronger core and a healthier back. 
So how do we get them working? Simple
This should get your abs working. Now use that same breathing all the time doing all your movement’s. There’s no limit to what you can use them in, pull up, squatting, deadlifting ( lifting things off the ground in a controlled manner) pressing and in conditioning.
This is the first thing we teach at core principles as we walk clients through there first exposures to key concepts we practice. This couldn’t be more important to us, so we teach clients in a one on one setting what we looking for and why we looking for it and how it can benefit their health.
If you want to learn more about how to use your abs, feel free to email us at
Coach Dan

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