It’s Time To Believe

Have you ever struggled with getting the necessary support and help you need? Or have you gotten it only to think it won’t work?

We have all been there, where we contemplate joining or doing a program of some sort to reach a certain goal. Undoubtedly, it can be really hard to put yourself out there and ask for help. Even more, it can be a real struggle to stick with something when you feel like it won’t work.


This happens for a few reasons, but the one that I think matters most is, believability. I think, belief in change is as, if not more important than the change itself. The fact is you have to believe you can change, so you can approach it from all the necessary angles.


So, she wanted a change. She came to Core Principles looking for some help. Now, early on, she struggled with getting here on a consistent basis. Like everyone in this world, she was not certain if this thing (Core Principles Program) was going to work. After some action planning and writing down the days in her notebook when she was going to workout, her training frequency and consistency shifted.


Guess again. She is still with us and after some talks with the team she has begun the process of believing she can change. Why? Because she has proven to herself that she can stick with something longer than the prescribed amount of time. She is now beginning to focus on nutrition as a necessary angle to get what she wants. Like a beautifully sewn dress, we all have layers and seams that feel uneasy, but can be remedied with the right touch.  


Santa, we are so happy to have you stick with us and are extremely excited to see where this fitness thing goes.



Coach Jim

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