It’s Time To Slow Things Down To Speed Up Your Results

We all want results fast right? Ideally, all we would have to do is blink and we can achieve everything we imagine.


It’s logical to think the harder and faster we work in the gym the sooner we will see results.


However, in a world that is super fast paced slowing down in the gym will actually speed up your results.


It may sound a little counter-intuitive but let me explain why.
Dialed In Form When I am talking about moving slow I am specifically talking about slowing down during your strength exercises, you still want to move through your workout with some efficiency, meaning don’t stand around for 5 minutes between exercises.
Think about this analogy, imagine you are driving down the highway going 65-70 MPH you probably only see what is in front of you and are less aware of everything going on around you and on the sides of the road.
Now imagine you are walking down the road for a nice leisurely stroll, you may notice a lot more than if you were driving. You probably noticed little details around you like a new store or some flowers on the ground.
The same concept applies to exercises we do, the slower we go the more things we can notice with our form and body. You can truly dial in your form to get better, help you get more out of the exercise, and feel the exercise where you should feel it.
Going too fast can lead to improper form, greater risk for injury, and less potential for progress.
Slower = Harder
One of the major reason people tend to speed up strength exercises is that it is too challenging for them and they are trying to get it over with quickly.
Think about it, if you are going slower your muscles will be working for a longer period of time, which will help them get stronger.
Now if you find it nearly impossible to slow down during your exercise it is most likely that you are using a weight that is too heavy or the exercise itself is too challenging for you.
Think about bringing the weight down a little or picking a different exercise and slowing things down.
Next time you hit the gym think about one thing, slowing down each exercise, play around with it, experiment, and as always have fun!
-Coach Pat

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