Just Show Up ( How to be consistent like Rey)

This week I want to talk about a client who shows up.


Rey, came to Core Principles to prioritize his health and fitness. You see Rey is also in the health industry and know what happens when you put your health and wellness on the backburner.


He knows that when you don’t make yourself a priority, things will come up regardless of your whether you want them to or not. Now Rey wasn’t looking for a health facility that promised magic pills, quick solutions, or fancy gimmicks to get back in shape. He was looking for a gym that offered a community, a solid understanding of exercise, and people that would actually listen to him.


Scanning the net of what Stamford had to offer, he landed on Core Principles. During his search we were offering a men’s 50+ program that would get men a quick start to a long journey of health and fitness. Rey bit.


Now if you meet Rey, he is an easy going, always smiling, no mess around kind of guy. He comes in, shoots some small talk and gets to work. He often lets out some big laughs and is always asking questions on how to get a little better at this movement or that exercise.


After the men’s program finished, Rey jumped on board and continued on this path because of what we were able to show him and offer as a fitness company and community. I asked, “Rey, what do you think is valuable about doing this”?


He answered, “ I am in the health industry, ya know, and I realized that I could put in the work, show up, and make my body healthy at a reasonable cost or I could pay a much larger price down the road. I would rather take option one and feel good”.


Rey, thank you for trusting us with your fitness journey and even more for showing up, putting in the work and inspiring others.


You’re the man.


If you are interested in kickstarting your fitness, feel free emailing us at or hit us up on facebook at Core Principles Strength and Conditioning.


-Coach Jim

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