Leading By Example

A lot of the time people will ask what is the best diet? What is the best workout? What is the best way to burn this stubborn fat? Most of the time people are looking for a quick fix or some secret answer but unfortunately it does not work like that.


The best way to reach your goals no matter what they may be is through consistency and effort. Today I want to highlight a client who leads by example in both of those areas.


This superstars name is Alex and he has been working out at Core Principles since day one 3 years ago. Too this date Alex has got 297 workouts in at Core Principles.


Now if that is not pretty dam consistent I don’t really know what is. We know how hard it can be to stick with an exercise program for 3 months; even being consistent for one month can be a challenge.  Life gets in the way sometimes, we get sick, we travel, and our schedules get crazy for work. Getting to the gym can be extremely difficult but this amazing man has been doing it consistently for 3 years!


Alex is constantly trying to improve his form, asking for feedback, feeling different positions, pushing his weights, and getting in a good sweat during his conditioning.


Alex is not only mentally invested inside the gym but he is outside too, he is constantly sending me an article he just read and asking for my thoughts about it. I love discussing things with him whether it be on some new nutritional study, or Lebron James new stability workout. Alex finds interest in everything he does here at the gym and it pays off.


Alex we just want to let you know how much of a superstar you are and keep up your dedication and hard work!


-Coach Pat


Ps. Keep getting your Freekeh on!

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