Learning How To Hip Hinge

Today I want to talk about Hip Hinging and how to progress your hip hinge to a good-looking deadlift.


Before I do that though I want to first talk about what a hip hinge is and how it will help you in your everyday life.


In the simplest of terms a hip hinge is when you keep your back stable and move through your hips.


Learning how to hip hinge is important for many different reasons.


First being able to properly hip hinge will help you safely and effectively pick things up of the ground while protecting your back. Whether your picking up something you dropped, picking up boxes while you are moving, or picking up your kid off the ground it is important to move in the most efficient way.


Hip hinging is also important for proper positioning during sports like golf, tennis, softball and many others.


Learning the hip hinge may take some time because it is a movement that is not often practiced.


Check out the video for great tools to help you hinge like a pro.


Tall kneeling band assisted hinge:


Standing band assisted hinge:


PVC hinge

Band pull through

KB deadlift

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