Left the diet mindset behind? 5 signs

When you’ve “been there, done that” with every diet under the sun, you see how they sabotage your long-term success. You know it’s time to try something else, but you still may not know what direction to go.

It can also be oh so tempting to join in on that new fad diet you see on the cover of rag mag  at the grocery store checkout, or the juice cleanse your friend just lost 30lbs doing, yet you’re a smart cookie and  have a lot of doubts if that will just be another disappointing waste of time and money. 

If you try something like eating skills, you’ll see that it’s a totally different way of approaching health goals and how to relate to food. 

Also, with eating skills, progress can sometimes be


, so it’s important to recognize all the wins you score along the way. 

And the lifetime results and sustainable changes you make, are definitely worth it, but those pesky diet thoughts promising quick results can be hard to ignore! 

So, after some time of working with my clients, as they are on their way learning new skills and making some AMAZING changes in their lives, I like to remind them of how


they have come in changing their mindset. 

Mindset around eating skills is one of the most important components to change! But how do we measure change there? 

That’s why I made this video, which is all about how to tell if I have left the diet mindset behind or not. 

Want to know if you’ve finally left that unhelpful diet mindset behind?

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