Let’s Keep This Simple: A Guideline to Portion Control

Don’t complicate your nutrition game. I know the guy or gal on the fitness magazine have a ton to say about their food intake game, but you need to know that this stuff does not have to be complicated or dreadful.

Today, I want to give you some nutrition guidelines around portion control so that you can be on the path to you physique goals.
First, I want to put it out there. I get this question alot “ What do I need to lose weight?” Simply, eat less energy than you burn. Food is energy and energy needs to be spent. If you are consuming energy and not spending it, chances are you will be in a surplus and most likely gain weight.
So how does calorie restriction relate to weight loss? Well for one you can count your calories, but that takes time and can drive you mad. A method we like here at Core Principles is Precision Nutrition’s hand icons. Why? Well because they are super simple to use (which we like) and you can take them literally anywhere. Learning how to use these tools of awareness properly will empower you to make better choices when you are out and about or at home watching netflix. Use the following to dial in your food intake and be on the path to your weight loss goals.
A palm size of protein (two palms for men)
Protein is essential for a ton of things going on in your body. Largely it is revered for the effects it has on muscle repair and growth. Stick to minimally or non-processed lean choices such as: Chicken, turkey, lamb, bison. Red meat is great too, just be aware if you have congenital familial cholesterolemia(hereditary high choloesterol) and limit red meat to twice a week.
A fist full of veggies(two for men)
Veggies are awesome. They provide a bunch of micronutrients to the body that build immunity and give you a ton of minerals and vitamins. Typically, you should try and eat a plethora of different veggies. The rainbow as I have come to know it.
A hand full of Carbs ( Two for men)
Carbs are not the devil. Actually, they are awesome instant source of fuel, that sits directly inside your muscles. The issues become when all you eat is Carbs and the types. They are an easily processed form of energy that has become abundantly available in our world. Try to limit the bread consumption and high carb dense foods. Brown rice, quinoa, and other grains like this, give you a lot of bang for your buck and can really help you stay fuller longer.
A thumbs worth of Fat ( you guessed it, two for men)
Fat is the last energy source. Lately, it has come into focus because of the famous ketogenic diet. While I have nothing wrong with this. It’s not the fat adapted state that made you lose all that weight, rather it’s the change in habits and foods you are eating. Good fats with a good lipid profile are avocado oils, coconut, and olive. Add these in to flavor and make your food taste amazing.
Now for some action steps to help you get your portions dialed in and get you feeling fuller longer.
You have the tools to figure out the size of the food sources to eat, but sometimes its helpful to stack some habits with these resources.
If the habit is portion control, then some practices and actions to use will help further those health, fitness, and aesthetic goals.
#1Eat off a smaller Plate
Ever have food from Mcdonalds? If you go to Mcdonalds you have many options to increase the size of the amount of food you get. If you were to put a large on a regular size plate at your house, you would notice the overabundance of fries and burger/sandwich on that plate. My call to action, use a smaller plate when eating. We were conditioned to eat all the food on our plates when we were younger and while you were trying to satisfy your parents, that is honestly to many calories. So, place your food on a smaller plate, so you are likely to eat less and not over consume.


#2Put your fork down after every 3 bites
Your body and brain have ways of communicating to you, that you are getting full. By placing your fork down after those bites, you are allowing the signals to reach you before you finish everything on your plate. Again, this is in an effort to eat less and help lose those unwanted pounds.



#3, the final action step Eat slowly, set a timer.


Putting your fork down is a there as a means to slow you down from over-consuming and getting the signals to your brain. But what if you are eating something that doesn’t require a fork? Eating slow and using the strategy of setting a timer, allows you to aim for a certain time to work on your food. The point is not to eat it before the timer runs out but rather, getting you to take your time and let the brain and gut do its job to let you know when your full.


So there you have it. Some simple tools and actions to get your nutrition game on point and get you on the path to losing weight. You can totally do this and reach your health and physique goals but it requires diligence and follow through on your end. That follow through, is the hardest part. Asking a person or coach to help, may just be the support and accountability you need to reach those goals.


Here at CP, we work on all these habits and employ these tools and actions to help you reach those fitness goals, along with keeping you safe and in the drivers seat. So if you want some kick a$% coaching, the accountability you need, and someone who will priortize your goals, feel free to hit us up at or on Facebook at Core Principles Strength and Conditioning.



Coach Jim

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