Lift and Learn Kettlebell Seminar: March 16th

So it’s February and here’s what I know.


I want you to know that none of this is your fault. You can’t control the weather, the treadmill is certainly boring, and those fitness goals, while good, are hard to reach on your own. Especially when you try and do the same things each year.



Let’s face it. The fitness industry and is chock full of nonsense.


Take this supplement to learn how to fly. Do this workout routine to get abs tomorrow. Mess around with this gimmicky piece of equipment to blast fat.


Sound familiar?


The fact is that you don’t need more information or more of the same old boring routine. You need someone to teach you some basic, high quality movement with one of the best training tools on the market. The KettleBell.


Why the Kettlebell?


The Kettlebell is a unique tool in that it allows you to do a lot with it. If you were to google kettlebell flow, you would see some interesting results. On a surface level, you might see some ripped dude or chick doing some choreographed sequence of moves that looks quite impressive. The fact is that those flows are just isolated moves performed with a weight that adjusts to your movement.

The truth is that the kettlebell offers a wide array of fitness exercises that helps you get in shape, better and faster than the treadmill. If you had a choice, would you rather spend 2 hours on a treadmill or 15 to 30 minutes of kettlebell exercises, which would lead to the same/better results?
Personally, I know which I would choose, unless I had a netflix series that I needed to blast through.
That’s why we started Lift and Learn and on March 16th I am hosting a seminar based around kettlebell training.
During this seminar we are going to focus on the basics. Those basics being the Kettlebell swing, the Goblet Squat and it’s variations, and the Turkish Getup.
Now I could list a series of muscles that all these positions and movements work, but quite honestly, what you care about is results. Just know that with these three moves, when done right with a kettlebell, gets you a massive fitness effect.
What Can I expect to achieve at this KB seminar?
First and foremost, fun exciting workouts that burn more calories than the treadmill. You don’t need to be bored any longer and I am personally not interested in having a lame workout session these days. I want something that keeps me coming back for more and getting me the results I want.
Secondly, once the moves are learned, I am going to give you the breakdown of how structure a fat burning workout  that can be done in 30 minutes or less.
Finally, the confidence and piece of mind that you will know how to use a kettlebell, get in the best shape of your life, and how to keep yourself safe.
What Do I need to Invest?
There are two options for this Seminar. People who purchase before February 28th, will pay 49 dollars. After the 28th, the cost goes up 79 dollars. Members of Core Principles, if they get a friend to sign, they get to come for FREE.
What does this seminar include?
I don’t want this to be more information that you spend one day doing. I want you to get and see the results you want. That’s why if you spend the money and join me on the 16th, you will get video breakdown of the 3 techniques and lifts with the Kettlebell. 3 fun,easy workouts that will blast fat. 4 weeks of online coaching, where you will get access to my personal email, where we chat about technique and the best way to approach kettlebell training.
My hope is to give people the education and knowledge to get what they want out of their fitness. Training should be simple and approach in a smart effective way. If you are interested in the seminar I am hosting feel free to contact me at or look me up on instagram @jimbrowne103 . There I show more breakdown of some good kettlebell training and what a kettlebell has to offer.
Coach Jim

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