Meet Richard….. A Hardworking Professional Like You….

Meet Richard,


Richard is on the left, in the dark red shirt
Richard is a hard working professional that has made his health and fitness a priority.
Well Richard for the past year and half has shown up consistently 2-3 days a week to make the changes he wants. He focuses heavily on what will help his golf game and how he can get more drive on the ball off the tee.
Now, don’t misunderstand. Richard is not a robot, he just has a vision. He wants to feel healthy, be strong, and be able to crush the ball when he gets out on the green. In fact Richard has seen his fair share of ups and down when it comes to getting strong. Between long work hours and prior injuries that have flared up, Richard has hit a few bumps over that past year and half.
However, that didn’t mean Richard was going to stop coming. He makes sure that when he can, he lets us know when he will be away or feels something going on that just seems off.
Richard is not one of those people. He is a man with a plan and has the consistency to back it up. These days, Richard gets to perform a lot of movements that others would find difficult or extremely challenging. He has built a movement and strength capacity that we get to explore and play with what he can do. I think he likes it.
Richard, keep being awesome and a pleasure to coach here at Core Principles.
Like Richard you can go after your goals and work towards the things that matter to you. Come and check out our facility and see what we mean when we say “ We’ve Got Your Back”! or on FB @ Core Principles Strength and Conditioning

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