Mental Fortitude: The Progressive Mindset

Training does not have to be a do or die approach where you show up seven days a week and punish yourself for hours.Training is a progressive mindset, where practice and excellence emerge. Let me give you an example.


Matt Johnson came to Core Principles looking for something different. He was looking for something real and tangible that he could watch himself progress through. One of the first things we noticed about Matt was, he knew how to push himself and when to back off. Most likely from his years on the Gridiron as a collegiate athlete. To give you an idea of the type of character and standards Matt holds himself to, he has been famously quoted by the coaching staff, when applying a split squat variation, where a band is attached around the waist of a client. “It keeps you honest” he has exclaimed time and time again, as he strives to improve his leg strength and overall self everyday.


Matt (on the right) chillin with the M.C. of Core Principles Haylin (on the left)
Now, this is not to say that Matt has had nothing but amazing training days. In fact, Matt has had to take a step back here and there. Between strengthening a prior shoulder injury to dealing with a low back issue, Matt has seen his fair share of slow days and off days. Through all of it though Matt has pushed himself forward, taking our recommendations and utilizing variations made to his program, so he could train. When he is not feeling 100% he let’s the coaches know. When he needs a day off, he gives us a heads up. When he whooped the ass of the program and makes it all the way through he tells us with a huge smile on his face. It’s this attitude and consistency that makes Matt a wonderful member of the Core Principles community.
(Matt working hard, strengthening his back and shoulders)
There is something to be said about this type of attitude for self-improvement. I often like to think of the analogy of a large boat on course for a destination. Now the analogy goes like this.
“If you drive the boat in the direction you want to go, you will get there no problem. But this course must be a steady one. One where you must know when to speed up and slow down, so that you can arrive at the location safely”.
I wish I could remember where I originally heard that from so I could thank the person for it, but the idea here is, you are going to have great days and bad days. Slow and fast ones, injured and in perfect health days. And just because those things happen, it doesn’t mean to stop the boat and halt its progress toward its destination. After all we all have goals.
When a  person forges an attitude of mental fortitude and concentrates on the long term rather than a quick fix they are already ahead of the game. I think we can all learn from Matt on how to be in tune with ourselves and focus on the bigger picture. We are glad to have him here at Core Principles where his attitude permeates the community and aides others to continue to strive for more. Thank you Matt, we are grateful for the work ethic and strong presence you bring. 

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