Might As Well…

Have you ever burned a piece of toast and thought, “Well, I already burned the toast, might as well burn the whole house down!”?

Hopefully not! Pretty extreme, right??

I have heard the phrase “might as well” over and over again with my clients who are struggling with a specific aspect of their nutrition and fitness.

This is one of those pesky sabotaging thoughts that can really trip us up because it makes us feel defeated like we have no control over more negative outcomes happening, so we just give into them.

We use it to justify continuing to go down a negative path after making one mistake and give all of our power away.

Have you said things like “I already had a huge piece of cake at lunch, I might as well have this extra slice of pizza and try again tomorrow…”

Or, “I got too busy and skipped my workout today, I might as well skip the rest of the week and just try again next week when life is a little less busy.”

Might as well is a defeating thought. In this week’s video, I am going to give you tools to use and prevent it from SABOTAGING your progress.

Check it out below!


If you are TIRED of feeling defeated by little mistakes, check out this week’s video HERE  to overcome those negative thoughts that are derailing your progress!

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