More Than Just a Gym

How many of you love your gym? If you’re a Core Principles member you probably find yourself saying “I do!” But if you go to a big box gym like LA Fitness, you may not enjoy your experience as much.


I remember my last fitness studio was a large-sized gym and I felt far from being warm and comfortable when working out in there. Aside from constantly being bothered by trainers who needed to sell their services, the weight room would be swarmed with guys twice my size using all the equipment and I’d have to listen to grunting and weights being slammed on the floor by the muscle heads next to me. Not a fun time AT ALL!


This is why at our studio we want our members and friends to feel comfortable, and be able to work on themselves in a safe, fun place with tons of support.


So how do we do make it happen? Take a look below! 


These are just some of the things we do here at Core Principles that make us different from an ordinary gym. If you’d like to find out more, we are doing an Annual CP Family and Friends Hike THIS Sunday, November 12th at Bartlett Arboretum.
We are meeting at 10:30am sharp, so if you’d like to join and see what we’re all about we would love to meet you!
And for questions, advice and tips on exercise, nutrition and health shoot us an email at
– Coach Jojo

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