My frickin back

Thankfully my back has not flared up in a long time.
One thing that has sat with me for decades is how painful, uncomfortable and frustrating it was to have back pain.

Have you ever felt this way?


When I was 18, I remember waking up in the middle of the night in the most excruciating pain.  I had to crawl, hands and knees, to my parents room for some help.
The pain was gone in a few days, it was a muscle flair up.  The pain and how little I was able to do stayed with me forever.

Back pain sucks right?

Many of our clients, when they first come to us, have one of two things. Chronic back pain they have been suffering with for decades or frequent flare ups.
In both cases, they are robbed of their freedom to do things they want to do and also need to do to live life, things like:

travel, feeling their best at work, playing with grandkids in the backyard, carrying groceries in from the car. Golf Tennis and Yardwork

Of course there are situations where a serious injury or years of chronic pain are best addressed with surgery, that is the exception and not the norm.

Here’s what I have  seen time and time again for nearly a decade: a consistent strength training routine of 2 -3x per week, that’s personalized and led by professional coaches makes most people’s back pain go away.

Do they still get flare ups here and there, yes, that’s normal.

What matters is that after a day or two the flare up goes away and they are right back to doing the things they must and those that they want to.

I am happy to share with you our back care routine. Follow this if you have been in pain for years. Follow this routine as preventative back care to keep flare at bay and use this routine to get back to feel good when you have a little flare up.



Here’s the link for the video:
You can also click the image to get the video rolling.

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