Now what would you give to those you love ?

I know it can be hard to walk into a store and only come out with what you need. Especially during the holidays, we tend to spend more time at partys then we do at home.


So how do we keep from buying bad things?
We want you to think about either your kids or some you love. Now, what would you want your loved ones to eat? if you had the choice to choose something healthy or something like double stuffed cookies?
Well If you said it depends on the situation, I would agree if we are talking about an everyday lunch than we want a healthy choice. If the one-time holiday party, it can be ok.
Now, if we are talking about lunch for your aunt, uncle, or son every day, its a very different story, we are going to use this as an example for this shopping trip outlook.
Now keeping in mind you love them and want the best for them, what would you choose even if you know nothing about nutrition.
Simple, it’s what we usually pack for kids’ lunch or try to serve them at dinner. It’s usually some greens, some carbs and finally some protein.
If that was your answer than that’s fine, you don’t need to a nutritionist to know where to start. We want you to take that same approach when you go food shopping.
Picture your self-making dinner or about to server this, and would you want to serve it to that loved one. If the answer yes then we are ok, if its no than time to put it down and move on.

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