Online Training vs. In Person Training

For the past two months we have ran an online training program for women here at Core Principles. I am happy to say we have had so many awesome women in the program and I look forward to continuing to run online programs. Online training seems to be the new big thing, however since it is so new it can be so different from gym to gym or trainer to trainer.


Many people probably wonder what the hell does online training include and is it right for me? Today, I want to try to answer some of those questions you may have and help you decide if you are a good fit for online training.


To be completely honest with you the answer that that question like many others is it depends. For some people I think online training can be great and for others it probably is not the best option.


Is online training right for you?


Look I am not going to lie I firmly believe that in person training is the “gold standard” and can potentially have more benefits for people. If you are a person that really needs some specific coaching in terms of exercise, feels like you connect much better with someone in person, or feel like you need that extra accountability of needing to show up somewhere online training may not be right for you.


However, I do believe there are many benefits to online training if it is right for you. If you feel truly don’t have the money to invest into in person training, online can be a great option as it can be cheaper. Online training may also be a great fit for someone who can’t make it to the gym at specific training hours. With online training you can work on your own schedule at your own pace.


Sometimes people have the mindset that if they can’t get to the gym or see an in person trainer they might as well do nothing and I would disagree with that 100 percent. Anything is better than nothing even if it is taking a 10 minute walk 3 days a week or doing some dancing while you clean the house. Now I want to talk about what our online training program is like and why we do things the way we do.




What I have come to realize after less than a year in the training field that I never learned in school is the biggest thing people need is accountability. Almost everyone knows what to do in terms of nutrition and exercise, but the problem is finding what fits your life and making sure it gets done. In our online program you have two real coaches behind the program who are here to support you in whatever you need to help you reach your goals. We will be checking in with you constantly to help you navigate roadblocks that come up. Roadblocks come up no matter what, however what I learned is that those roadblocks are very similar for everyone so don’t feel like your going at it alone. You have two real people behind this program to support you.


Nutritional Habits


Some online programs include a “meal plan” however, we do it a little differently with our program. Just like we work with our in person clients on nutritional habits we do the same with our online program. The program may not be as individualized but most people need to work on the same habits . This is not to say that programs that use a meal plan suck, we just found that they really don’t work. Most people can’t follow a strict meal plan because it does not fit their life, they may miss a meal and feel like everything is ruined and quit. I know I have failed following a meal plan before, I used to go on Men’s Health or whatever website, find a meal plan, print it out for the week and then never follow up with it. I remember my mom used to want to kill me because I would make her buy everything at the store and then never touch it. We try to help build habits that people can stick with for a lifetime.




We know that many people struggle with the same problems and have the same roadblocks. Connecting with others through your journey to a healthier and happier life can be amazing. Yes our in person clients get to meet each other face to face while they are here and workout together. That doesn’t mean an online program can’t create a community. We use a private Facebook group where our lovely women share their successes, struggles, recipes, goals and much more. Having constant interaction with people on Facebook is great because it helps you overcome obstacles, realize other people are in the same situation as you and hopefully have some laughs along the way.




You’re probably sitting there wondering where the hell are the exercises? Don’t worry you get a 3 times a week workout program with our online training group but to be completely honest with you that may be the least important thing. Did I really just say that? A trainer saying the workouts are the least important thing? Yup I did. Online training programs may not provide as specific workout tailer for you  but just like the nutritional habits most people need similar workouts. Also, doing a little bit of anything is a great place to start. We know that it is much easier to get a workout in when you have a plan in all reality it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something. If you tell me you didn’t do a single one of our workouts because you go to yoga twice a week, play tennis on the weekends, and take a walk one night after dinner with your family I couldn’t be happier. We do still provide you with workouts but like I said that may be the least important thing.


If you feel online training is a good fit for you or have any more questions about whether it is or not please reach out to us at or call us at 203-914-6396 and lets chat!  

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