Overwhelmed? Answer These Questions.

This will be short, but highly valuable if you do it.


Reflection on and planning for things we care about are important to feel like we’re moving ahead, you likely know that.  To feel less overwhelmed and more fulfilled they’re essential.


For most of us reflecting on what we’ve done in a day, week, or year, how well we practiced a skill or handled a conversation is a step we skip.   It’s hard, it’s uncomfortable, and simply easy to avoid.


I can tell you that setting some quarterly rocks and crafting weekly actions to make sure I accomplished them has made a magnificent difference in my sense of accomplishment and decrease my sense of overwhelm!


Here’s the good news, you never have to do it.  As human beings, we’re blessed with something special, choice. But if you do choose to do some reflection you can start by answering the 10 questions below.


What you do with that information and how you use it to create change is totally up to you.

Do you have other questions that you think are worth considering? I’d love to hear them.
Once you answer these questions the next step is to determine what you want to work on first. I’d be honored to help you work through these and put some bite-sized action steps together.
– Haylin
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