Part Two: Nutrition Prep

Two blog posts ago, I discussed the benefits of food prep and the specifics of my own food prep.


During that post, I attached three videos that went into detail about the meat (protein) I cook for the week, so I can meet the needs my body requires.


This week I have posted two videos that talk about the veggies I meal prep, so I can feel great and get a ton of vitamins, minerals and overall nutrients, while also not hating the taste of the veggies.


See the videos below to see what I am talking about.




It’s well known fact that veggies are good for you. A lot of the reasons are due to the high nutrient quality and low caloric density. As well as immunity boosting benefits. But what does that mean by immunity boosting. Well, I’ll tell you. Vegetables are known as phytochemicals. Vegetables are living, breathing organisms like you and I. Like you and I they want to survive. When animals or threats come nearby they release chemicals to defend themselves. These chemicals are in low doses, which when ingested help our bodies adapt and able to fight harmful bacteria, diseases, and viruses.


If you have any questions or want to discuss how to meal prep for yourself, please feel free to hit us up on Facebook at Core Principles Strength and Conditioning or email us at


Happy Holidays,

Coach Jim

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