Perfect Does Not Exist!

In life when we decide to start something new it is often a little scary at first. Sometimes we make a list of pros and cons, debate if now is the right time to start and possibly try to push it off until a later date.


It can often be a difficult decision trying to decide when the perfect time to start working out or working on your nutrition can be.


I am here to tell you the best time to start is right now!


Over the past few months we have been running an 8-Week program for men 50 and older as a kick-start to working out. We got 10 super awesome dudes in the door and they have all been crushing it ever since.

They all have their individual differences but also similarities. They all knew it was time to take action and get started.
The thing that I admire most about these men is that they understand how important their health and feeling good is to them that they did not let anything stand in their way.
They all could have made excuses as to why now is not the right time. Things ranging form being too busy with work, health concerns, fear that it is going to be too hard, and not wanting to wake up earlier than normal.
The list of reasons not to start could go on and on. I am sure some of these men have thought about those things when they started and that is perfectly normal, however they did not let it overwhelm them.
They have all been showing up consistently each week, putting in hard work, and seeing the results that they want.
For that we applaud each and every one of them.
The fact of the matter is that life will always try to throw a curveball at you, there will always be something that “could” stand in your way. The key here is to adjust the dial as needed but always try to do something. Even if that means right now all you can do is go for a 10-minute walk after dinner go for it!
Do not try to wait for the “perfect time” as that does not exist.
-Coach Pat

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