Powering Through a Hectic Work Schedule

It seems that sometimes our jobs have more control over our lives than we do. A hectic and unpredictable schedule can leave you feeling like you have no time for yourself. Different jobs means different schedules and no two people are alike.

It is easy to get caught up in it and feel like you’re losing an uphill battle. Until, you have had enough, put your foot down, and decide it’s time to do things for yourself.

Today’s story is about a client who did just that. Lets call todays Superhero Staci . She is a wonderful wife, caring mom, and successful realtor.

Now I have never sold houses for a living but from what I understand it is a rewarding job. It is also, though, one that is very unpredictable in terms of scheduling. If your phone rings you better believe you’re going to answer it and try to get that listing. From long day in the office, in front of the computer, phone, and running around different towns and cities, being a realtor can leave you feeling like you have no time for yourself.

Staci came in ready to make some change, like most people she has a few injuries from the past but was ready to move forward and do something for herself. She was ready to start feeling great, get back into water skiing, and get off some medication.

She knew it would be hard to get to the gym at times, but she was ready for the challenge.

Let me be the first to say she is winning that battle by a long stretch.

She has been showing up consistently 2 times a week since May 1st and even putting in extra work outside of the gym working on nutritional habits.

Every time she walks in the door she has a huge smile on her face, is full of energy and is ready to have some fun.

Staci has made so much progress already in less than two months. She is feeling and looking a lot stronger, feeling good in her core, is sleeping better and has more energy throughout the day.

Now some days it is hard for Staci to get here as she is busy with work and things that come up, which makes her have to cancel. The biggest takeaway and lesson everyone can learn from Staci is, she does not let that get to her. She understands that it will happen and moves her gym schedule around to fit her work schedule.

We wanted to give a huge shout out to you Staci for being so AMAZING!!!!! For putting your best foot forward and making time for yourself. We know it is not easy all the time but you are rocking it girl!

-Coach Pat

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