In the years I have spent as a fitness coach I have learned a number of things. Many of these things have made me a

better coach

and also a

better person

. Being a better person has certainly made me a better coach. I know a lot more now than I did when I first started coaching. My thirst for knowledge, my comprehension of anatomy, movement, and adaptation as well as developing programs has improved. Yet, if there was some way to measure, I bet my greatest growth has been in developing relationships with people and “doing the right thing.”

If I don’t demonstrate to a new client that I really care about them and that I am invested in helping them, they do not care how much I know about training.

We never get to the point where I can show them what I know.

As bad as I wanted to be a great fitness coach from day one, I recognize now that I have to continually put in time and effort to grow and get better.

Constant growth is what makes a coach good in my opinion.

I also know that if I am not going to fully invest myself in something, it is not even worth doing. I tell my clients the same thing. My confidence in my ability to improve the results of my clients from a fitness standpoint but also my ability to challenge them to become better individuals also allows me to genuinely connect with my clients and convey my true motivation—

to help them get better


Demonstrating my clear motivation to help, supporting individuals efforts however I can, being a leader by example and keeping my word on things I commit to has made me more valuable to my clients. If I can encourage individuals I work with to also strive to not only improve their fitness but embrace personal growth I believe they will achieve and surpass what they came to Core Principles Strength and Conditioning for in the first place. For me,

there is no better satisfaction than when a client recognizes the changes they are making


Real change takes an investment in yourself and keeping a focus on where you want to end up. Bumps and detours along the way are to be expected but they will not undermine the process or outcome if you have a good system in place. At Core Principles we are proud of our system.

A system that helps create consistency, commitment, accountability, and a strong sense of community along with sound training principles and programs tailored specifically for each client, one that supports lifelong change.

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