Push it to the Limit: Lynn’s Superhero Story

In our women’s group at Core Principles we have a lot of amazing ladies who workout with us on a weekly basis. Each of them is unique in their own way, and pushes each other to do better. Lynn is one of those women, and she is definitely a success story I wanted to share in hopes of inspiring others to make a change, get strong and go for what they want!


When Lynn joined Core Principles, she was already in good shape but wanted to find a gym she liked, that would support her goals of getting stronger and consistent at exercise. Once she joined our group personal training program, she make fast friends with the other ladies, which helped her get in the groove and come workout on a regular basis.


One thing I noticed about Lynn from the get-go is that though she is petite, she has a big, fun personality, a sassy sense of humor and is a blast to be around! I also couldn’t help but notice how well Lynn moves and how quickly she learns some of the exercises and movement patterns we teach. It’s quite impressive!


Over the course of a few months Lynn has been in the gym almost every week, and one trait that makes her so successful is how committed she is to working out and improving her health. It’s almost as if she is one of those students with the perfect attendance! Lynn’s consistency has really made an impact on her progress, specifically strength gains. She squats almost double of what she started, her dead lifts are looking MONEY and her form and attention to detail is flawless.


Another trait I really love about Lynn is how driven she is to push herself and do better. As a coach, you always have to motivate and encourage your clients to get out of their comfort zone and take it to the next level in order to see results whether it’s fat loss, improved endurance, strength etc. Lynn makes our job easy in that sense, because she is very coachable and always puts in a 100% effort to achieve her goals. She will try new things, go for more advanced options of the exercises, and isn’t afraid to go heavy when appropriate!
It makes me so happy and proud to watch her perform and get stronger. It also inspires me as a coach, because at times I can feel a little discouraged about my own goals and progress, but then I look at our amazing clients like Lynn and it motivates me to do better!!
I don’t know that Lynn is aware of the amazing influence she has on the other ladies and coaches, but she is definitely one kick-ass SuperWoman who is brave, strong, determined and not afraid to go for it!
Thank you Lynn for being such an amazing addition to our program and continue inspiring us in your fitness journey <3
-Coach Jojo

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