Are you overtrained or just under-recovered? Recovery is one of the most overlooked aspects of training. We forget that a large part of ability is availability and allowing your body to repair the tissues it needs to be awesome. Let’s discuss some tips on how to best recover from the days of training and sport.


Tip 1: Sleep


The daily recommendation on this is 7-9 hours of sleep.


So how do we do this…..


Tip 2: Eat Real Food, Drink Real Water


The daily recommendation on this is get a balanced meal of proteins, fats, and carbs and make sure you get at least half your bodyweight in ounces of water a day.


So how do we do this…..


Tip 3: Be active on your recovery day and don’t over do it.


The daily prescription on this is move for about 5-15 minutes just to slightly elevate your heart rate. Good rule of thumb is you should be able to breath exclusively through your nose while doing this.


So how do we do this…..


Tip 4:


Attend To Soft Tissue


The daily prescription is attend to your soft tissue once a week or every few days when you can.


So how do we do this…..


So there you have it, 4 tips on how to recover. Remember, the more you do these the better and the faster the results come.

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