Sack your Super Bowl Spread

It’s party time!

The Super Bowl was this weekend, if you care about the game or not, it’s a time to get together and hang out with friends and family.  This year even more than others it seemed time to get together and enjoy each other’s company.

The Super Bowl, like other events, creates lots of feelings for those of us who want to lose weight, don’t want to gain weight, or feel like a bloated beached whale after the game.

It is a hard situation, right? There’s lots of good food (Uncle Sal’s famous wings and Ann’s cheesy dip) plus typically there are drinks that magically make food easier to eat.

Often we’re around other people that may nudge us to eat or make judgments about how we want to eat.

You could say “screw it” and do whatever you feel like in the moment and who’s to say that’s wrong.  You may not enjoy that decision later but only you will know.

Instead, you can have a simple game plan going into the event, one that helps you enjoy the heck out of the game, the good foods, and leaves you feeling happy with your decisions after the game.

Check out the framework I lay in the video below. It takes almost no time to implement, doesn’t ask you to follow foolish rules, doesn’t stress you out or  leave you feeling “I guess I’ll start again on Monday.”

Check it out now:




Link to video:

Enjoy the Game and some finger-licking good wings,


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