Seth’s Story: Consistency + Great Attitude = Recipe for Success

Today we are going to share an empowering story and honor one of our favorite clients – Seth . He has been a member of Core Principles since late 2016 and before we tell his story let us just start off by saying that Seth is one of the most positive, upbeat and fun-loving clients that ever came through the CP door. I can’t recall a day when Seth comes in to the studio without a big, beaming smile on his face. His positive attitude and enthusiasm are contagious and that’s why we adore him! Seth is a very successful businessman, a great husband, a proud Superdad and a huge Mets fan. Prior to joining CP Seth was not very active and struggled with being consistent about exercise and his diet. His schedule was super-busy and working out was just not in the top of his priorities. The lack of exercise and inactive lifestyle finally caught up to him, and Seth’s family and his doctor recommended he get his health in check. Seth finally decided to stop making excuses, take action, start moving and get in shape!


After joining Core Principles, Seth soon noticed positive differences in what he felt like and what he looked like! After just 2.5 months he became stronger, had more energy and improved his endurance. What Seth really liked about Core Principles is that he felt that it wasn’t just a regular fitness studio, but a community of people that supported his mission of getting healthy. Following the initial period at CP, Seth was determined to keep going. He quickly progressed and started crushing his exercise programs! This led to even bigger and better results… Seth had lost over 20 lbs in a course of a year, and felt like a brand new man. He observed a difference in how his body moved, had more stamina and got rid of some the aches and pains that bothered him for a while. Seth started truly enjoying fitness and achieving his goals! His health has improved immensely and he even ran a 5K recently, which made all of us very proud of his accomplishments! In addition to having a great family and a fulfilling career, Seth finally made himself a priority and it was paying off!
(Seth crushing his conditioning section!)
Joanna & CP Crew

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