Simplicity Is The Key To Health

It is easy to assume that as coaches we have everything related to fitness and nutrition in our life put together. I will be the first to admit that I am by no means perfect, and I think my fellow kick-ass coaches Haylin and Dan would agree with me.


Unfortunately, this is not true, we have a ton of other work we need to get done such as writing programs, blogs, reaching out to clients, marketing, and making sure all of our SuperHero’s are taken care of. The point I’m trying to make is that sometimes our lives and work get in the way of our fitness just like everyone else, sorry we are human after all.


Today I want to share with you a recent story of how we overcame life’s challenges that were holding us back from getting our workouts in.


We need accountability just like everyone else, so in order to help provide some accountability for each other Haylin and I began working out together. We have been doing this pretty consistently for over a year now. We even have other coaches write our programs so we just have to show up and execute.


Now we were never perfect but we were pretty close to consistently working out 5 days a week with a few misses here and there.


A couple of months ago we decided to start a new program, one that seemed to be a little more intense and definitely more time-consuming. We started pumped up and ready to go, but for whatever reason, we hit a roadblock.


It seemed like every week we were missing more and more days of our workout, we couldn’t figure out what it was exactly, we were busy with work, family, and other things going on that it seemed dam near impossible to do anything.
It came to the point where either one of us was lucky to try to get on the bike for 15-20 minutes. We couldn’t seem to shake it and it defiantly started to frustrate us.
It could have been easy to simply say screw it and continue to avoid our workouts and let it get the best of us. We didn’t let that happen though, we decided to make things so simple that is seemed more realistic to try to get a workout in.
We went back to one of our old programs that was a simple 2-day workout that we would repeat twice in the week, it was short, quick, effective, and didn’t require much mental lifting on our end.
So what is the point of this story?
There is going to come a time when you feel like you can’t get your workouts in, you are going to want to give up and say forget it. However, there is always something you can find to do that will work well for you. It does not have to be a crazy complex workout that you do 5 days a week. Doing the simplest program consistently is far more beneficial than doing a complex program every so often, and is key to long term health.
Don’t let perfection hold your progress back!
If you need help finding time to fit your workouts in, or you are not sure what your workouts should look like send an email to or give us a call @ 203-914-6396 and we would be more than happy to help.
-Coach Pat
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