Sleep More and Lose Weight!

Today we are talking sleep and how it can enhance (or prevent) weight loss. Sleep is so important for the body because it regulates our hormones, metabolism, brain function and is essential to optimal functioning.


The studies on fat loss and sleep have determined that it is a big factor in maintaining a healthy weight, so we want to ensure we get the proper amount of zzz’s to help us feel our best!


So how does sleep help us trim down? First let’s look at the effects sleep deprivation has on the body:


Poor Sleep Can Increase Your Appetite and Throw Off Your Hormones


Studies show that individuals who do not get the adequate amount of sleep release higher amounts of hunger hormone ghrelin, and tend to consume more calories daily. Poor sleep can also decrease a satiety hormone called leptin leaving you feeling more hungry than usual.


Lack of Sleep can Increase your Naughty Food Cravings


When you’re sleep deprived you are more likely to feel crabby and crave comfort foods to stimulate the reward centers in your brain and feel better. This can increase your affinity for foods high in carbs, sugar and fat.


Being Tired Decreases Your Physical Activity Levels


Have you ever woke up after a crappy night of sleep and couldn’t wait to go to work out? Yeah, me neither… Lack of sleep can affect your energy levels, making you tired and inactive, thus slow down your metabolism.


So how do ensure we get good sleep and stay slim? Check out the below tips and be sure to try them out!


Create a Bedtime Routine


Reading a book or drinking a warm cup of tea every night before bed can help your brain associate that activity with sleep. So be sure to do something you enjoy and do not make it overly stimulating so it doesn’t inhibit your chances of getting a good night’s rest.


Make Your Room Cool and Dark


Studies show that avoiding blue, bright lights before bed may help your brain relax and avoid being stimulated. Furthermore, cool temperature can make you feel cozy underneath warm sheets. So be to make your sleep environment nice and comfortable to help you get more rest and make you feel restored in the morning!




If you’re overly anxious or have a lot on your mind it may be hard for you to fall asleep. One way to clear your mind is write down your thoughts, or worries in a journal and then come back to them later. Another great way to de-stress is to practice relaxation techniques such as mindfulness meditation or progressive muscle relaxation to help you unwind. And if all else fails try going old school and count some sheep before dozing off!


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-Coach Jojo

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