Small Changes For Big Results

Change can be intimidating, we are so used to what we do on a daily basis whether those things are good or bad that we become too comfortable.


If you want to see some sort of outcome change it is necessary that you create some behavior changes that support your end goal.


Now, this might be a little different than other 30-day stories you have heard in the past.


We are not going to talk about 15lbs this client lost, or that they are down 5 sizes in 30 days. (This did not actually happen if you see headlines like this chances are it’s too good to be true.)


Instead, I want to talk about how this client took 30 days to build out the habit of adding a protein shake into their diet once a day.


It started with her trying a scoop of the protein powder I personally enjoy. (If you’re interested in trying it yourself click HERE)


First, she simply mixed the powder with some almond milk to create her drink and enjoyed it but was asking about other things to mix it with.


I then shared with her a few ideas on how to build her very own Super Shake with fruit, extra veggies, fats, and other yummy flavors!


She broke out the old blender and dusted it off. 


Just this morning she came in and said she loved mixing banana, avocado, and spinach!
So much that she then went out to buy her own NutriBullet to make it even easier to make shakes and easily travel with them.
Now it may not seem like that was a lot to accomplish in 30 days but I think it’s wonderful. Imagine each month this rockstar takes on one habit like this, let’s say the next month she increases her veggies, then plans her meals, then eliminates almost all processed foods. I can guarantee that this client will reach her goals and be set up for long term success.
Not everyone needs to start with adding a protein shake into their diet, but everyone should start with a small behavior that will help lead them to their outcome goal.
If you need help figuring out where to start I am here for you. Simply send an email to


and I would be happy to help.


-Coach Pat

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