Stop “All or Nothing” Exercising with These Tips!

We have had a BEAUTIFUL week☀️ here in Knoxville, TN and it got me thinking…

When warm weather hits, I  seem to get extra motivation to be more active!

Is that true for you?

Sometimes, I can get into a rut when the weather is cold and it’s difficult to maintain an exercise habit. (And we don’t even get snow here!❄️)

You might be thinking,

“but wait, aren’t you the Nutrition coach?”

Well, yes!

AND Many of my clients know that exercising more would be good for them and support their nutrition and health goals. They go hand in hand!

Sometimes, we can have an all-or-nothing mindset about exercise.

We either do it ALL or we do NOTHING.

It might sound like, “Unless I can get to the gym for 1-2 hours 4-5 times a week, then what is the point??”

BUT I am here to tell you, it’s fine to START where you are!

I know Haylin and the rest of the CP team are all about this 🙌

WHY? Because it’s about creating a lifestyle change that makes the most sense for YOU.

In this week’s video, I share all of my favorite tips to create or maintain a daily dose of movement!

(not based on what you see on social media or what you “should” be doing)


One of my friends in the industry said it best recently: “Different seasons of life bring different ways of approaching your training and activity. It won’t always look the same!”

Check out this video if you want some tips for creating a new exercise habit or if you’re looking to mix things up with your current one!

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