When you want something do you always go for it? Have you been thinking about getting healthy and strong but didn’t know where to get started? Read Vanessa’s story below and get inspired!!


Last June Vanessa stumbled into the Core Principles studio looking for something more than just an average gym experience. She has tried other places before, but just was not feeling the “large gym atmosphere” and wanted to be a part of something more intimate and community oriented. She also wanted to find some guidance, learn new exercises and training techniques, improve her fitness and overall better herself. She was getting bored with her mundane workout routine and wanted to switch it up to see and feel better results.


Vanessa joined the Women’s Superhero Group Personal Training Classes and she has been kicking some serious butt ever since! When I first met Vanessa I noticed that when it comes to working out, she does not mess around! Her focus and technique are on point. She is very quick to advance and eager to try new exercises, progressions and her fierceness and mental discipline make her a rockstar client!

(Vanessa Crushing Some KB Swings!)
Since joining the Women’s Group Classes, Vanessa’s stamina, energy levels and overall strength has improved. She finally started feeling her core getting stronger and she feels more capable than before! Aside from being supported by the coaches here at CP, she also feels encouraged and a part of a larger team surrounded by her gym buddies!
(Vanessa and the gang!)
One amazing habit that Vanessa developed is being consistent and showing up to Group Training on a weekly basis. Since I started working at Core Principles I can’t think of one week when I did not see Vanessa. Coming to the gym is part of her regular weekly routine and because of that she is now stronger, leaner, meaner and full of energy. It also allows her to spend some time working on just herself, and feel better! I believe that every woman deserves that and owes it to herself!
Vanessa is a joy to be around and her witty, fun-loving personality shines through when she comes to the studio. We want to thank her for choosing Core Principles and we are grateful to be able to make a positive difference in her life. Vanessa is now a CP Veteran and we are committed to work with her so that she can continue to feel like the amazing, strong woman she is! Way to go Vanessa!
– Coach Jojo

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