Subtraction By Addition

The other day I was sitting down with a client getting ready to take her through her first session here at Core Principles. We were getting some technology working, getting her all set with signing up for sessions and getting set up on the software we use for our Accountability Coaching.


While we were getting this set up and explaining how our accountability coaching works here at Core Principles the client jokingly looks at Haylin and myself and asks “You guys are not going to take my coffee away from me right?”


We all started laughing and I quickly responded “Of course not we are not that mean.” We would never take anyone’s coffee away from them; I believe that falls under cruel and unusual punishment.


If I have learned anything so far in my life it is that coffee is amazing and that it fuels all the magic and Superheros in this world.


Second coffee is actually pretty good for you. Numerous studies continue to show the many benefits of coffee.


In all seriousness though her question brought up a great point that we want to make clear.




Yes you read that right we are never going to tell you “can’t eat this or drink that”. Instead we actually add things into your life to help build good habits.


This may seem surprising to many people as the have this expectation that when they come to the gym someone is going to tell them all the things they need to throw out, should never eat again, and that they can’t ever enjoy themselves again.


We don’t do that here simply because it doesn’t work.


Instead we try to add habits and/or food to help create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


For example if your breakfast right now looks like a coffee with 4 creams 4 sugars and a donut from your favorite donut spot and we say you need to go to green tea, plain Greek yogurt, and carrots does that sound like something you can do?


Probably not.


What if though we told you to keep you coffee and your donut but how about we add one hard-boiled egg into the mix? Doesn’t seem as hard right?


Probably because it is not.


You get to keep the things you love but now you’re getting some extra protein with the hardboiled egg.


Then one day you’re late for work and don’t have time to stop and your donut shop and have to make a coffee at work.


Boom now your breakfast went from coffee and a donut to a coffee and a hard-boiled egg without trying to take anything away.


You then realize the coffee and egg are all you really need and you didn’t get that late afternoon sugar crash because you didn’t eat the donut.


We find this to be the best way to help build long-term nutritional habits that last forever. Yes, with this strategy you may not lose a ton of weight in a month but I am sure you have all been there and done that only to put more back on later. We are working on creating a healthy lifestyle that helps you reach your goals and stay there!


-Coach Pat

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