Success Doesn’t Go Unseen

Today I want give a shout out to an amazing client who’s hard work, motivation, and amazing attitude helps her continue to crush it and get a little better each day.


Her name is Ashley and she started here at Core Principles this past November and has not looked back since.


The thing that drives Ashley’s success is her focus on consistently trying to get better. She shows up each week ready to work and have some fun.


Since Ashley started here at Core Principles I can only think of two times when Ashley missed a class. One time she was sick and the other she was away in Vegas (lucky her, I know Core Principles is fun but Vegas may be better).


However, even with those classes missed she did not skip a beat and let that short break get the best of her; when she was back she was ready to go. To make up for her missed days she came 4 times in 1 week. Amazing Ashley, truly AMAZING! It could have been easy to just stick to the normal routine of 2 times a week, but she was motivated to make up the classes. Some days she was here until 7:30 at night and back at 6:00AM the next day for her workout, just bring a blanket and pillow next time.


Ashley has made so much progress since starting here at Core Principles, she has made exercise and healthy eating a habit for her, she has lost some weight, and oh yeah she is also strong as hell, she crushes 26KG(That’s about 50lbs a hand, for those of you who can’t convert kilo’s into pounds) farmer carries!


Ashley we thank you for being the amazing person you are and it is a pleasure to watch you succeed each and every day. Continue with the hard work and don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back because you deserve it!

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