SuperYou Summer SuperStar – Edith

Today I want to share a story about a very special client of ours named Edith. She has only been a member of Core Principles for over a month but there is a special kind of radiance and light Edith emits that inspired me to write this blog.


Edith came to Core Principles at the beginning of July and signed up for our Summer SuperYou Challenge, designed for kick-ass women who wanted to kick-start their diet + health program, and whip themselves into shape over a 4-week period.


Now when I call this program a challenge I MEAN IT! It required you to come workout at our studio up to 5 times per week, meal prep, eat clean, and abstain from all the summer goodie treats like ice-cream, burgers, wine, bread, cheese…you get the point!

When I met Edith at a strategy session she came in with a burning fire in her eyes ready to make a change! Though her primary goal was weight loss, Edith shared that starting the challenge for her was really about proving to herself that she can do whatever she sets her mind to, and a test of her strength.
For the next 4 weeks she worked really hard on her daily lessons, changing over her eating habits, coming to the gym 4 times x week, and riding her bike for her off-day workout assignment.
Soon enough, Edith learned that the challenge was more a test of her patience, rather then mental strength, and in order to meet her goals she needed to alter her lifestyle. This meant that though the challenge was a great kick-start to her health journey, it wasn’t an easy fix. Edith soon found out that if she wanted to be successful, she needed to instill consistency in her habits and stay persistent and  perseverant. All qualities Edith already possesses being a Special Ed teacher (God Bless!!).
After about a week and a half into the Challenge Edith was doing really good and had solid determination to crush it. Then life happened and she attended a family reunion with lots of yummy treats and temptations. On Sunday after the reunion, she emailed me in a panic saying that she ate a cannoli and had a couple pieces of the strawberry shortcake for dessert. She felt like the world had just crashed and ALL the stuff she had been working so hard on was ruined!
But the truth was that Edith’s regular workout schedule, staying consistent on her diet throughout the week, and miles of bike rides outweighed a couple slices of cake! She failed to see it at first, but after talking to coach Pat, Edith realized that one day of bad eating doesn’t mean she can’t get back on track the next day and still crush her goals!
And that’s exactly what she did. Edith continues to come to class four days out of the week, and recently reported that she did a 25 miles on her bike!!! Her eating habits aren’t perfect, but they’re a hell of a lot better than when she first started and she continues to work on them.
After the challenge was over Edith revealed that though she thought dropping a few pounds would make her feel better, she noticed a lot of other positive changes in her life such as increase in energy, feeling stronger, HAPPIER, and sleeping better. This brought tears to Edith’s eyes and it makes us so happy and honored to have been able to work with her and help her achieve all these great things.
The best quality about Edith is that she has a heart of gold and it showed when she put her heart and soul into this challenge and came out victorious.
Please join us in congratulating E on her progress and success! Edith – if you’re reading this, please know that YOU ROCK!
– Coach Jojo

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