Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

We all need a little independence and space in our own life, but at the same time having a partner and teammate for certain things makes life a little better.


Some people have openly admitted that the gym is their place to work on themselves and do not want to share that with people. Other feels the exact opposite and feed off the energy of people working out with them.


Today I want to share a story with you about a couple that recently joined our Thrive After 60 program.


Meet Carol and Henry!

Carol and Henry joined Core Principles together in the beginning of April. When they first joined they had some pretty clear goals, their grandkids live in Colorado and are starting to get into skiing. While Carol and Henry have not skied much in the past they thought now would be a good time to get started with their kid and grandkids living over in Colorado.
They know that increasing their strength, stamina and ability to move will not only help with skiing, but will help with everyday things around the house, being able to continue to get up and down of the ground with their grandkids, and other things some of us may take for granted.
Now Carol and Henry come together twice a week to workout at Core Principles. It is great for them to have each other for a few different reasons.
First off having a partner that is counting on you to show up to the gym will help hold you accountable and will make it harder to miss a workout.
Along with that it is always a little more fun having someone workout with you, it helps motivate you and hopefully will put a smile on your face for your whole workout.
However, the best thing that I notice Carol and Henry doing is helping each other with each exercise. We know that when you first start it can be a little overwhelming with all the new things you do and things can get confusing. Carol and Henry are always working together to make sure they are doing each exercise correct and it is absolutely amazing!
Keep up the hard work and you both will be skiing like pros in no time!
-Coach Pat

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