The Best Holiday Gift!

With the holiday season here everywhere you turn it seems like you are seeing an ad for something new.


New cars, new toys, and certainly new fitness equipment.


The big thing in fitness this year seems to be Tonal, Mirror Home Gym, and Tempo Fitness.


To be honest with you from a technology standpoint they are pretty freaking sweet! It is pretty much a mirror on the wall with built in workouts, and fitness equipment. They will for sure turn your house into a modern exhibit.


While they are pretty cool there is one problem I have with them.


Accessibility to fitness equipment and/or workouts is not what stands in most people’s way.


The biggest challenge is consistency, for a number of different reasons it can be challenging to get some exercise in.


I know accessibility is not the problem because I spend pretty much my entire life with access to a full gym. Working in a gym and living in a building with a gym you would think I work out 5-7 days a week right?!




I am human and roadblocks come up that prevent me from getting my workouts in.


If you are interested in purchasing one of those fancy dancy mirrors this year by all means go for it!


However, understand if your goal for purchasing one is to make exercise more convenient you might not be addressing the root of the issue.


It’s hard to say exactly what the roadblock is as it could be so many different things.


The one thing that has been extremely helpful for me lately is simply exercising with someone. Whether it is with Haylin and Dorian at work or with someone at my apartment, having someone there who is expecting me to show up makes it easier to get done.


If you are interested in getting in some more exercise instead of spending a few $1,000 on exercise equipment how about you find someone who has the same goal and you start going for walks with each other. You can help hold each other accountable and make sure the walks happen. It is a gift to both yourself and your friend.


If you decide to get a piece of equipment this holiday season maybe try to find someone who also is getting one and become accountability buddies with them.


Having someone to check in on you will always be the newest, fanciest piece of exercise equipment.


Happy Holidays!

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