The Breakthrough of Lou!

This week we want to honor one of our dearest clients Lou. Lou is a great father, amazing husband and kicks ass at work everyday! Lou has been with Core Principles since 2015 and his fitness and health journey is so compelling that we just had to tell it in hopes it will inspire others and make you feel like anything you set your mind to is possible…(because it is!) In the last 2.5 years Lou has proven that if you’re consistent in your efforts, perseverant and put in a little work week to week , you will be able to meet your goals and then some!


(Lou crushing some deadlifts!)
When he first joined Core principles, Lou just wasn’t feeling like his “best” self. He was very successful with regards to his career and family life, but Lou hasn’t made his health a priority. His physical fitness level was not at his finest and boy did he feel it! Lou’s main difficulties were lack of energy and feeling fatigued. He was also frustrated with his inability to enjoy some of his favorite activities due to a decline in his fitness. That really bothered Lou because he truly loves sports.
After a while of feeling like crap, Lou finally decided to take action. He started training at Core Principles 3 x week and made fitness a part of his regular routine. The thing about Lou is he really enjoys being active, so the exercise part came easy. After just a few weeks Lou was feeling stronger, leaner and motivated to keep going! The not-so-easy part for Lou was nutrition and changing his eating habits. He was aware that he needed to modify his diet, but didn’t really know how to go about it. Thankfully, at CP you never have to go at it alone. Lou started working with a coach and build new healthy eating habits week to week. He learned about eating whole foods, keeping track of his intake, prepping his meals and that he could still enjoy his favorite meals
(PIZZA) only in moderation!
(Always goofing off! This is why we love Lou!)

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