The Easiest Way To Lose Weight

I mention it over and over again not because I am trying to be a pain in the you know what but because it is just that important!


We know that if you want to lose weight you must eat less than you are eating right now. The formula is fairly simple, the process however of getting it done is more challenging and takes some work. 

Just telling yourself to eat less is not a good strategy to help you reach your goals because it does not give you enough clarity around what to do.
How much are you eating now?
How much less should you eat?
How are you going to make sure you eat less?
How are you going to know if you did it or not?
In order to see results, you must create a concrete plan that you can say whether you took action that day or not
The other day I was talking with Haylin and he was mentioning a book he was reading where the author stated he recommends people eat just 3 meals a day if they are looking to lose weight.
My initial reaction to Haylins comment was “Well it doesn’t really matter how many meals they eat, it matters how much they eat in total.”
Haylin then went on to explain why the author was recommending this concept which made tons of sense to me!
The idea is that if you limit yourself to only 3 meals a day you will be around food less, if you are around food less often chances are you are going to eat less if you are going to eat less you are going to lose weight!
He also talked about the fact that if you limit yourself to 3 meals you will probably have some time between eating each meal. This will allow you to sit with a feeling of slight hunger (Which is okay!). If you are trying to lose weight and you are never a slight bit hungry you probably will not reach your goals anytime soon.
After hearing the authors rationale for eating 3 meals a day I thought it was a great concept and super easy to try.
If you are not ready to focus on anything else right now simply start with only eating 3 meals a day, no snacking in between, no bites as your cooking food, no late-night dessert after your dinner. 
Have some fun with this, think of it like an experiment and you are back in middle school science class. What is your hypothesis or goal? What are you going to record/track? What is your outcome?
Just to be clear this may not work for everyone if you start eating 3 meals a day but you are eating the same amount of calories you will not see any changes. At the end of the day, you must be open to trying new things, seeing how they work, and adjusting as needed.
Coach Pat

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