The Empowered Woman: 4 Week Project

What does it mean to you to be empowered as a woman? It seems like in today’s day and age that word is simply thrown around. At Core Principles we believe that in order for a woman to be truly empowered she should be able to make her own choices, go for what she wants, and be able to accomplish her goals whether it’d be career, health, family or any other area of her life.


There are many unique female clients who join Core Principles for different reasons; Some want to start exercising to feel stronger and more energetic… some want to lose weight to gain their confidence back… others may want to improve a medical condition and need help with fitness and nutrition in order to make it happen. Whatever the reason may be, CP feels compelled in facilitating these women to achieve their goals and truly feel empowered.

This is why we created the Empowered Women Project, starting September 10th. It’s a 4-week period in which women with serious health and fitness goals, have a chance to take charge of their well-being, and improve their life for the better.
Supported by the CP community and passionate coaches, our existing and new members will have the opportunity to go through a coaching intensive program that includes a step-by-step nutrition guide, up to 5 x week group personal training and ironclad accountability .
The best part is the camaraderie, support and encouragement that the ladies give one another over the course of the 4-weeks and the friendships they develop as a result!
Even though each of the ladies works on an individual goal, together they lift each other up and push one another to go after their goals and get the results that they want!
Talk about #empowerment!
Grace recently took part in our Women’s SuperYou Summer Program. She is a big-hearted, fun-loving, successful professional who was ready to make her health and fitness a priority. We were amazed at how determined Grace was about her physical fitness.
Within 4 weeks Grace learned all of our major movement patterns and is crushing her dead-lifts, goblet squats, pushups and more!!!
Grace has been very consistent throughout the process and with the support of CP and the other women,
has really made significant advances in her strength!
Way to go Grace!!!
Danielle is another one of our members who joined the Summer program and became committed to exercising and changed over her eating habits. Danielle is an amazing mom, wife and a hard worker. She loves cooking, photography and has an endearing, quirky personality that we all love! Over a 4-week course, Danielle really put her whole-hearted effort into the Summer challenge, and has come out stronger, more energetic and lost some serious inches! We are so proud of her progress!!
The health journey has been different for each one of these amazing women and a lot of them are continuing to figure out what works best for them.
But one thing is for sure: they each have an amazing spirit, drive and courage to step out of their comfort zone, take control of their wellness and empower one another to lead better, healthier and happier lives.
We believe that that’s what female empowerment is all about.
We want to congratulate each on of our ladies in their successes and let them know we are here for them in every step of the way!
And if you or anyone you know is interested in joining the 4-Week Women Empowerment Project this Fall, feel free to email us at or call us at (203) 914-6396
-Coach Jojo




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