The Perfect Mindset

We are currently halfway done with our Coach Catalyst 12 Week Nutrition program, SuperYou Nutrition. During this time, we have been coaching our clients through 7 nutritional habits, using the MyCoach software.


Instead of talking to you today about exactly what our program is, what habits we are working on, how we have structured it, and everything else you probably don’t want to hear right now, I want to talk about a conversation we had the other day with one of our nutrition clients.


We set up times to sit down with our clients to discuss what they are crushing, what they feel they are struggling with, and find out other ways we can help them.


When we sat down with this particular client she said a few things that we’re absolutely amazing, that I can’t help but share with you.


“It was going to be another one of those programs that tell me what to eat, what not to eat and to count my calories”


To give you a little background information, this client is currently doing this coaching program with her husband. She was open and honest with us in saying that at first she really didn’t want to do it, she was doing it because she knew it was important to her husband and she wanted to support him.


In other words she was not too pumped about starting this program and from the start didn’t think she would like it or that it would benefit her.


She told us that she thought “it was going to be another one of those programs that tells me what to eat, what not to eat and to count my calories”. She has done those in the past and frankly didn’t like them. Why? Because they just don’t work for most people, you can do it for a little, then realize how meticulous it is, how restrictive it is, lose motivation and just give up.


Raise your hand if that sounds familiar to you.


This client was so happy when she realized that this program was completely different. We will never tell you to count your calories, or tell you specific foods you can or cannot eat. (We will provide you with some nutritious and delicious options of food, but the final decision is always yours.)


Instead we work on simple actionable habits that you can use any place any time.


“I got a Ruben Sandwich and was thinking about 80% full as I ate it”


After talking for a little, we started talking about the previous weekend. Like most people this client enjoys going out to dinner with family and friends.


One of the habits we work on is eating until you are 80% full. This can be challenging. Challenging, because there is no alarm that goes off in our head when you are 80% full. It also takes practice to understand what 80% feels like.


But even more challenging is that many people feel inclined to finish all their food on their plate, especially if they are out to eat. Afterall, they don’t want to feel like they wasted their money.


This client told us she got a Ruben sandwich when she was out to dinner with the family. During that meal she was thinking about 80% full as she ate. While thinking about this a feeling during the meal emerged, she felt she was 80% full.  As a result she stopped.


She mentioned that she probably could have eaten the whole thing, but she was satisfied. She decided to take it home but admitted she would end up throwing it out because it won’t be as good heated up. Perfectly fine with that, she mentioned in the past she would have forced herself to just eat the whole thing so she didn’t feel like she was wasting it, as many people would.


Sometimes we need to reprogram old habits, which will take some work but can definitely be done.


Screw the scale


One of the last things that this client said that I want you to hear is that she has not been on the scale in over a year. Now if you’re a fan of the scale this is not to say that you should never use it and it’s bad. It just can be misleading at times, there are so many other ways to track your progress such as how you feel, how you look in the mirror, how your clothes fit, your energy, your mood.


Often times people get so caught up on the number the scale shows. When we see this metric, we disregard the rest and infuse all of our emotions into a single digital machine that doesn’t seem to comfort us. So, make sure you are measuring progress in different ways to get a true picture of your amazingness.


This client is doing amazing and has such a great mindset I needed to share it with you all.


If you are sick of “diets”, meal plans, and counting calories our SuperYou Nutrition program would be perfect for you. If you are interested in learning more please send us and email at or call us at (203)- 914-6396.

-Coach Pat

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