The Secret To A Healthier Breakfast

We all understand the importance of eating a ton of colorful vegetables. From getting a boat load of different nutrients, to filling you up without to many calories to tasting delicious, vegetables are great for a number of different reasons.


Your right! Breakfast seems to be the most challenging.


Today I want to ask you why? Is it hard to eat vegetables at breakfast because they don’t “go” with breakfast? Or is it because it feels strange and it is not part of our cultures norm?


If you feel that it is not “normal” to eat veggies at breakfast I still challenge you to ask yourself “why?”. Where did you read that? Who told you that? Is it really abnormal or is that something you tell yourself in your head?


What would you think if you saw a person eating vegetables for breakfast? I doubt you would point and laugh at them for doing that, you probably would say something like “wow look at that person their health is probably super important to them.”


Often times we tell ourselves stories in our head that are not true, like it is weird to eat vegetables at breakfast. I challenge you to rewrite that in your head and to eat vegetables at breakfast.


Today I want to share with you 3 strategies to add veggies in your breakfast.





Again I know eating vegetables may not feel “normal” but I challenge you to ask yourself what story you are telling yourself in your head. How can you rewrite that story and become the person you want to be?


Changing your habits is all about becoming an explorer and this is a great place to start. Try eating some vegetables with your breakfast and see how it goes.


If you have any questions or need help dialing in your nutrition please send an email to or give us a text/call @ 203-914-639


-Coach Pat

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