The Secret To Dealing With Stress

Stress, we all have it in our lives. It seems some days are more stressful than others.


Did you know that there is both good stress and bad stress?


Stress is the way our bodies respond to certain situations in life.


When you think about good stress think about those athletes who always seem to perform under pressure, or when you have a big project at work that motivates you to work hard and you end up crushing your project.


On the opposite end of good stress is bad stress. This type of stress causes us to feel anxious, worried, distracted, mentally less alert, and even affect us physically leaving us tired and weak.


This stress can come from unhealthy relationships, challenges that feel impossible to accomplish, and sometimes-financial stress. This is the stress we want to avoid as much as possible.


The key too managing stress is making sure we have enough good stress and not a lot of bad stress. (Check out his great chart from our friends and Precision Nutrition)


You won’t always be able to control what causes stress in your life but you can control how you deal with it and if you take daily actions to de-stress.
So what are some of our favorite ways to de-stress?
There are many other ways people like to de-stress these are just some of our favorites.
De-stressing during the day does not have to take an hour; you can find 20, 10 or even 2 or 3 minutes during the day to try to unwind.
Even if you are at work and starting to feel overwhelmed simply stop what you are doing and take two minutes to focus on your breathing, you will be amazed how much better you feel after and you will probably be even more productive.
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-Coach Pat

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