The Secret To How Rey Saves Lives In The Operating Room And Also Saved His Own

With the start of the New Year now seems to be the time everyone wants to start working on his or her health! They are going to hit the gym hard and really focus on their nutrition.


The New Year seems like the perfect time to start right? A clean slate, your starting on day one, nothing can go wrong.


If you are like most people you hit things so hard in the new year that you get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing a few weeks in.


What if you took a different approach? What if you took an approach that fits your fitness and nutrition around your busy schedule and not the other way around?


To give you a great example of this I want to talk about one of our clients who recently joined Core Principles.


Meet Rey!


Rey is the head of operating room nurses at a local hospital. This man is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. From working long hours to even working two jobs he seems to never stop working.




When Rey came in he had some super clear goals. He had surgery on both of his shoulders, has never really worked out before and wanted to get stronger, improve his blood markers, and increase his energy for his long days on his feet in the operating room.


When Rey got started he was a little concerned about his schedule and getting hurt. Together we came up with a plan to get Rey going on the road to success.


During his workouts, Rey would sometimes begin to cough from overexertion. We took things slowly to start making sure he was not breathing too hard and made sure to take plenty of rest between exercises.


Rey also knew he had to be careful of his shoulders, taking things slow while still building up the strength he wanted.


Now Rey has increased the strength in both of his shoulders and can go through a full workout without a single cough!

This is a prime example of working smarter and not harder.
Not only did Rey improve what he did in the gym but he also improved what he did outside of the gym with his nutrition.
Rey’s biggest struggles in regards to his nutrition was starting work really early, not having a set break time at work, and coming home super late and exhausted.
To be completely honest with you if Rey started some new diet that required 3 hours of prep work and cooking a night it would not have ended well.
Rey took the same approach to his nutrition that he did with exercise, slow and steady.
He started out by adding a few hard boiled eggs to his breakfast in the morning before heading to work. It was so easy, he just put them in the egg cooker as he was in the shower and they were done when he got out. We kept it so simple that Rey would nail it!
After two weeks we started focusing on vegetables trying to incorporate them in every meal of the day. By exploring some new veggies Rey found out he loves kale!
Again by tailoring his exercise and nutrition around his busy schedule Rey was able to nail everything!
It could have been easy for Rey to say “Let’s overhaul everything!” but that probably would not have worked.
Rey will always be an extremely hard worker and busy man.
He is also one of the funniest guys you will meet and can make the whole room crack up!
Rey, we applaud you for your willingness to change, your ability to take things slow and steady, and your hard-working mentality!
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-Coach Pat


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