The sleep diet

Sometimes the key to reaching our health goals seems too simple, too good to be true simple! The truth is, we often overcomplicate things which makes achieving our goals harder than it needs to be. Well, this week, I wanted to share with you one of the simplest things most of us are not doing enough. Sleeping It’s that simple. (Simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. I know many people who feel challenged to just sleep more.)

I am always looking for ways that I can help my clients achieve their health goals in the most comfortable way possible.

One of the EASIEST and most accessible habits you can start doing TODAY is getting more sleep.

You might be wondering, “BUT WAIT?! How does SLEEPING MORE help me lose weight?”

Well, if you’ve ever experienced a terrible night of sleep (or a few,) then maybe you have noticed it can lead you to…


1) feel hungrier just to get through the day,

2) experience the “brain fog” which can lead to poor decision making, and

3) just lack of motivation to prepare food…(plus takeout is just so EASY!)

In turn, getting MORE sleep not only removes a lot of the obstacles above, but it also helps keep all that circadian rhythm goodness in check!

Great, so HOW DO I DO IT?

I am so glad you asked. I have a few tips on how to get more sleep!

Check out my video below!


Do you want that ONE simple thing you can start doing today to help facilitate your health journey, whether your goals are to feel better, improve your nutrition, and EVEN lose weight?

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